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Virtual appointments, also referred to as telemedicine or telemed,

are completed through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You will connect with Dr. Giannotti at your scheduled

appointment time via a live audio-video connection.

Appointments are completed with Google Meet and are fully HIPAA-compliant.

Same duration, 1:1 care, and attention to detail
as an in-person appointment

Please Note:

  • You will need to download Google Meet if using a smartphone or tablet.

  • If using a laptop or desktop computer, you will use your web browser.

  • A stable high-speed internet connection is required.

  • You will need to be located in a quiet, private environment.

  • No driving during appointments.

  • Periodic drug screening may be required and will be discussed at your first appointment.

  • Intake paperwork will need to be completed and returned electronically prior to your first appointment.

Pre-pay and cancellation policy:

All virtual appointments are pre-paid at time of booking. If unable to make your appointment or you simply wish to cancel, please do so online or contact us at (713) 909-0179 or by email (

Cancellation prior to your scheduled time will result in full refund of appointment fees paid.

PLEASE NOTE -> *** NO-SHOWS for confirmed appointments will NOT be refunded *** <- PLEASE NOTE

We request the courtesy of cancelling at least 12 hours before the beginning of your appointment.

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